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The Hampden Consultancy has undertaken commissions for a wide range of clients.

Expert Witness Activities

As mentioned earlier, we also undertake expert witness work in respect to building engineering services, i.e. mechanical & electrical engineering services.

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In undertaking the expert witness role, The Hampden Consultancy has been retained either directly by the instructing client or by their legal representatives in respect to disputes between building owners/end-users & contractors or between contractors & sub-contractors concerning technical and/or contractual aspects related to mechanical & electrical engineering services, including issues concerning the maintenance of such installations. As such The Hampden Consultancy has worked with many of the UK's leading legal practitioners, including:

Particular specialisms for which Bob Swayne can undertake the expert advisor, expert assessor or expert witness roles are:

Bob Swayne can act as an independent party-appointed expert for either the claimant or the defendant in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules and he has also given oral evidence in court, both in the Technology & Construction Court as well as at arbitration and adjudication hearings.

Similarly, Bob Swayne can act as a party-appointed expert for either the claimant or the defendant in accordance with the Criminal Procedure Rules.

Where required, either as a result of an agreement between the parties in a dispute, or at the direction of a Court under rule 35.7 of the Civil Procedure Rules, Bob Swayne is able to act as a Single Joint Expert.

In addition, Bob Swayne can act as an expert advisor, preparing reports for clients considering litigation/arbitration/adjudication proceedings or mediation.

Bob Swayne, where required, can also act as an expert assessor under rule 35.15 of the Civil Procedure Rules.

We can undertake the preparation of Scott Schedules in respect to mechanical & electrical engineering services for use in any litigation/arbitration/adjudication proceedings or mediation.

We are also able to prepare fee estimates for expert witness activities in accordance with the Precedent 'H' guidelines and would welcome early involvement in any claims in order to assist a client's legal team in developing their cost budget where we are (or will be) appointed to act as expert witnesses.

For further details of our capabilities please contact Bob Swayne at The Hampden Consultancy on for an initial consultation.

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